[KS] R: AKSE Conference and the International Dimension

Andrea Campana md3206 at mclink.it
Thu Mar 11 02:57:27 EST 1999

Dear Ross:

Yes, you speak about BAKS and the Anglo-American world. But what about the
rest? Namely what about continental Europe? AKSE is AKS in _EUROPE_.


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> Oggetto: Re: AKSE Conference and the International Dimension
> Data: mercoledì 10 marzo 1999 19.02
> Dear Andrea:
> I suppose it does seem that  AKSE "seems to neglect an important
> concerning to the relations between Korea and the international
> (Foreign Policy, Security, Cooperation,
>  International Law, International Economics, International Relations)..."
> But from my 4 short years working at SOAS earlier this decade, I recall
> that this debate about whether or not AKSE should 'go modern' is an old
> (Keith Howard: wasn't BAKS formed as a sort of reaction to the situation
> you lament?) , and frankly, I like the arguments for keeping it *more or
> less* traditional.
> Fact is that (by comparison to research on Korea in the humanities, and
> especially on traditional Korea) there are zillions of articles and
> and as many researchers writing on the topics you mention, and equally
> journals, conferences and symposia where people working in the areas you
> mention can present their work.
> My goodness, there are so many Korean political scientists right here in
> North America that they have their own association and hold their own
> conferences.
> I don't think that any of the AKSE stalwarts find the subjects you
> uninteresting or unimportant, nor do I think paper submissions on these
> topics are dismissed out of hand. But longstanding conferences like AKSE
> develop characteristics and traditions of their own, and in the case of
> AKSE, it is one of rather few quality arenas where scholars working on
> 'traditional Korea' and predominantly in the humanities (there aren't
> of us in the world, including Korean scholars themselves) can come
> without being distracted by or drowned in a dozen or more papers on the
> topics you mention.
> Ross King


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