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Wed Mar 10 17:08:19 EST 1999

Washington State Arts Council, Folk Arts Program:  
1999 Apprenticeship Program and Fellowships

(These two programs are only available to residents of Washington state.)

Apprenticeship Program

The WSAC Apprenticeship Program is designed to help communities preserve
their traditional arts. Through this program, master artists are given
stipends to instruct students of their chosing. Apprenticeship teams are
selected each spring by a panel process.  The main review criteria are
artistic skill of the master, traditionality of the artform, and the
teacher and student's relationship to the cultural group from which the
tradition comes.

Folk Arts Fellowships

Each year, two $5000 awards are given to outstanding traditional artists
in recognition of the contributions which they have made to their

Applications for both the Apprenticeship Program and the fellowships
are available on the web at http://www.wa.gov/art/fa/index.html, or from
Willie Smyth, Program Manager, at (360) 586-2856.

[For Korean language speakers, please ask for Joshua Pilzer at the same


One more item:  I know of a quite reputable Korean traditional dancer
who is recruiting students.  If you know of anyone who is interested,
please refer them to Sunny Moon Davies, (425) 313-0620.  She is trying to
find students so that she can participate in our apprenticeship program.

--Joshua Pilzer


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