[KS] Re: The Kangnido

Gari Keith Ledyard gkl1 at columbia.edu
Fri Sep 10 14:44:33 EDT 1999

Dear Ms. Hong-Schunka

	I agree with Charles Armstrong's suggestion that you apply to the
Ryukoku University Museum in Kyoto.  I know that it has detailed
photographs that are easier (but still not always legible!) to read than
the illustrations accompanying my monograph in Harley & Woodward's
_History of Cartography_ II,2.  Remember also that the Ryukoku copy is
only one of the three copies in Japan, and that the names are not always
the same on the three copies.  See the references to the other two in my
monograph.  Korean scholars have made a modern copy of the map with more
legible characters, although even on this copy you would need detailed
photographs for ideal legibility.  That copy is held by the Kyujanggak
Library of Seoul National University.

Gari Ledyard

On Fri, 10 Sep 1999, Soon
Mi Hong-Schunka wrote:

> dear list members,
> Does anybody know where to find a decent READABLE copy of
> "Honil kangni yôktae kukto chi to " made in 1402 by Yi, Hoe und Kwôn,
> Kûn? (except for the one in "the History of Cartography, vol.2, book 2.
> by J. B. Harley and David Woodward)
> Thank you
> Hong-Schunka
> Munich Univ.


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