[KS] Re: The Kangnido

Charles Rd K Armstrong cra10 at columbia.edu
Fri Sep 10 09:00:44 EDT 1999

Dear all,

There are excellent reproductions of the Kangnido and other old Korean
maps in an issue of the Korean magazine "Yoksa sanch'aek" from a few years
back (1992?). If you are interested I can find out the issue number, and
back issues may be available.

							Charles Armstrong

 On Fri, 10 Sep 1999, Soon Mi Hong-Schunka wrote:

> dear list members,
> Does anybody know where to find a decent READABLE copy of
> "Honil kangni yôktae kukto chi to " made in 1402 by Yi, Hoe und Kwôn,
> Kûn? (except for the one in "the History of Cartography, vol.2, book 2.
> by J. B. Harley and David Woodward)
> Thank you
> Hong-Schunka
> Munich Univ.


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