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Kaliher, Kenneth L. KaliherK at usfk.korea.army.mil
Tue Sep 7 21:14:22 EDT 1999

		can anyone recommend some Korean movies which deal with the
experience of Korean women, peasants or the working class during the 'korean

The 1981 film by Lee Chang Ho, "Children of Darkness" (Ôdumûi Chasiktûl),
was a grittily realistic portrayal of women on the lower rungs of Korea's
socio-economic ladder.  It was both a commercial success and, as I recall,
well received by critics.  It is also listed for sale at
http://www.iodo.com/ (where it is titled "Offspring of Darkness," $14.98),
but I have no idea whether that version is subtitled.  

Ken Kaliher

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