[KS] Re: Korean theses

Sang-Yoon Ma sang-yoon.ma at st-antonys.oxford.ac.uk
Mon Sep 6 21:17:23 EDT 1999

>I wonder if any of you know of a Xerox-copy service in Seoul that
>specializes on dissertations AND is also willing to send these to private
>customers abroad.

The central library of Seoul National University offers on-line download
service of SNU theses which were submitted in recent two or three years. HWP
hangul word-processor is necessary to read the downloaded file. The internet
address of the SNU library is


There probably is an English version web page for non-Korean speakers.

You may also want to try Korea University library which offers the similar
electronic service, though the system doesn't seem to work satisfactorily at
the moment.

Sang-Yoon Ma
St Antony's College
Oxford University
Oxford OX2 6JF


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