[KS] Re: korean films

Charles Rd K Armstrong cra10 at columbia.edu
Mon Sep 6 16:31:43 EDT 1999

Speaking of cinema, all interested parties in the New York City area are
invited to attend the Korean Film Series at Columbia University beginning
8 pm Friday, Sept. 10, at Lehman Auditorium, Altschul Hall, Barnard
College Campus of Columbia at 117th and Broadway. The first film will be
the last surviving Korean silent, "The Prosecutor and the Schoolteacher"
(Komsa wa yosonsaeng), preceded by a lecture and accompanied by
English-language narration by Walter K. Lew. Subsequent films will be
every wednesday at 7:30, same place, through Dec. 8. All films are
subtitled. Contact the Korean Cultural Service in New York, (212)
759-5950, for more details.
						Charles Armstrong
						Columbia University


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