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On 30 January 1998, the trial of Suh Joo-sik, representative of human rights group Sarangbang, began. He was charged, inter alia, with violating the National Security Law for showing a documentary at the 1997 Human Rights Film Festival about a 1948 civil uprising on Cheju Island, which authorities claimed was subversive.

Does anyone know of information on the internet about this film producer and the film festival?  It sounds like a good source to find films about the working class.

Carl Webb

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> >Yuh Ji-Yeon wrote:
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> >> this is for a friend who isn't on this list.
> >>
> >> can anyone recommend some Korean
> >> movies which deal with the experience of Korean women, peasants or the
> >> working class during the 'korean miracle'? it would be best if the movies
> >> are available in the u.s. with english subtitles. information on how to
> >> obtain them would also be appreciated.
> >>
> >> thank you.
> >>
> >> yuh ji-yeon
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