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Henny Savenije adam&eve at henny-savenije.demon.nl
Wed Sep 15 04:09:11 EDT 1999

Of course you may, but as long there is no proof, it's just a hypothesis. I 
am curious though in what context that might be. On a different note, the 
name Corea was a common one in Portugal as well, I don't think all these 
"Corea"s are "from Corea" or have been there, or stem from one person who 
has been there. Corea in Portuguese also means sint-vitusdans==>> chorea: a 
decease (can't find the English name, sorry) comes originally from Greek: 
choreia = dance.

At 09:04 PM 09/13/1999 , you wrote:
>May I vindicate the origins of the transitteration of the name "Corea"
>(from Japanese) to latin people? Italian documents testify the use of
>the name "Corea" at the very beginning of the XVII Century, and it
>is strongly possible that the use of that name, starting with
>"C" came in fact from portuguese missionaries that went to
>Korea with Japanese soldiers during Hideyoshi's invasion
>(as reported in the aforementioned documents).

As far as I know there was only one, but if there are more I am curious.

>As everybody know, the letter K is not used very much
>in latin languages.

I do, but since my Latin is not THAT great, I am curious what the Latin 
meaning of Corea might be.

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