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Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Sep 7 02:46:30 EDT 1999

<fontfamily><param>Times</param>Dear Mr. Ma:

Thanks. This is an impressive online catalog, I am sure others on this
list are interested as well ... after only three seconds I had your
M.A. thesis on my screen --
"</fontfamily><fontfamily><param>Seoul</param>=A1=96=B1=BD =F8=BF=A1=BD=88=
=9C =86=BD=BB=A3=BD=B6 =BF=DF=AB=8B
=B1=BC=A1=B6 =BB=D8=83=CA =AB=98=AA=DB =F8=A8=B1=BD /
=FF=A9=FE=B2=CE=BB.</fontfamily><fontfamily><param>Times</param>" ... but
unfortunately there are always these tricky little details: one can
only download SNU theses files from SNU campus, and I hate to hack into
Korean air space if I can avoid it.   ...still interested if there is
any poksa kage out there that might send theses copies to customers
abroad on a regular basis.=20




=AB=AD=BF=DF=84=CC=BC=C6 DownLoad=A5=AC =BA=82=F8=D4=A5=CE=AB=AD=B1=84=
 =B1=84=84=AA=F8=B0=BA=82=BD=BD =BF=C3=F8=CE=83=B0=A5=8A=AB=B9=A5=A6=A5=8D.=

=BA=82=F8=D4=A5=CE=AB=AD=B1=84 =AB=AD=BF=DF=84=CC=BC=C6=BF=AB =F8=AF=BC=C6=
=BF=86 =B1=84=84=AA=BF=C3=F8=CE=BF=8E=F8=B0 =AB=8B=AB=A6=F8=A9 =A5=8D=F8=D3=
=85=91=B5=C2 =BC=DE=BF=AA =BA=96

* =BF=C3 =F8=AF=BC=C6=A1=A7=86=BD=BF=AB =BA=B3=BF=D8=B1=AB=BF=86=
 =BA=82=F8=D4=A5=CE=AB=AD=B1=84=F8=D5  =A1=B6=88=92=BF=8E=F8=B0=83=8C=
 =BF=F7=BF=BD=BD=C1, =A5=8D=F8=D3=85=91=B5=C2 =BC=DE=E6=90
=BA=82=86=D2=87=86=AB=A6=83=89=84=81 =AA=DB=E6=97=BF=9A=BF=BD=85=91 =AA=C1=
=F8=CE=AB=B3 =BA=96 =E6=AF=87=BF=A5=A6=A5=8D. =8F=AB=AB=8B =A5=8D=F8=D3=85=
=91=B5=C2=A5=AC 1=BF=91 1=BF=A6 5=83=AB
=BF=C3=84=AA=85=91 =A1=B6=AB=8B=AB=A6=F8=A9 =87=88=87=86=89=A4=F8=B0=BA=82=
 =BB=C6=BF=91=AB=A6=83=CC =BF=F7=E6=90=F8=BF=A5=A6 =BF=C3 =A1=B0 =E6=C1=A1=
=96=AB=A6=87=88=B1=92 =BC=8D=8F=AF=A5=A6=A5=8D.


>The central library of Seoul National University offers on-line

>service of SNU theses which were submitted in recent two or three
years. HWP

>hangul word-processor is necessary to read the downloaded file. The

>address of the SNU library is




>There probably is an English version web page for non-Korean


>You may also want to try Korea University library which offers the

>electronic service, though the system doesn't seem to work
satisfactorily at

>the moment.


>Sang-Yoon Ma

>St Antony's College

>Oxford University

>Oxford OX2 6JF

>UK </fontfamily>


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