[KS] Re: transliteration of Korean film titles

Joy Kim joykim at usc.edu
Tue Sep 7 20:49:18 EDT 1999

I am sure you have received many responses to your question, but just in
case, I thought I should offer my preferrence.

The libraries in the western world use the McCune-Reischauer romanization
system.  I hope you will employ this standard over other systems, since it
will make your list  compatible with vast other materials in the western
library world.


At 02:22 AM 7/10/99 +0900, you wrote:
>I have been a list member for only a month now, so if I am asking a question
>that has already been amply discussed, please respond to me privately.  My
>question is related to transliteration.
>I maintain a webpage on Korean film, and today a reader pointed out to me
>that I should probably include transliterations of the Korean film titles I
>mention.  Although I've developed my own preferences for transliterating
>Korean names, for this page I would like to conform to some sort of academic
>standard.  Unfortunately I will be using a standard character set, so I will
>have to do without diacritical marks.
>My background is in Slavic languages, and I've noticed distinct differences
>in use for the various styles of transliteration in Russian.  I'm hoping to
>develop a feel for the same thing in Korean, in particular:
>* Is there one particular system for transliterating the Korean alphabet
>which is most commonly used for academic writing?
>* Is there one system associated with journalism, or other styles of
>* Is there a source on the web for the different systems in use?
>Thank you in advance for your help.  If anyone would like to take a look at
>the webpage, the address is:
>It's been up for about three months; it's a hobby of mine that borders on
>Darcy Paquet
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>Korea University, Seoul
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