[KS] Re: korean films

McKey giehl at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Sep 8 12:28:30 EDT 1999


i think the movie is "red hunt" and was shown at the berlinale last year, too. effectively the producer was
not allowed to visit berlin to present his movie.

Carl Webb wrote:

> On 30 January 1998, the trial of Suh Joo-sik, representative of human rights group Sarangbang, began. He was charged, inter alia, with violating the National Security Law for showing a documentary at the 1997 Human Rights Film Festival about a 1948 civil uprising on Cheju Island, which authorities claimed was subversive.
> Does anyone know of information on the internet about this film producer and the film festival?  It sounds like a good source to find films about the working class.
> Carl Webb


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