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Please see note below from veteran journalist and SAJA friend, HELEN ZIA  
<hzia1 at usa.net>. Please contact her directly if you have any leads. 
>From Helen Zia <hzia1 at usa.net> 
Dear photographers: 
I'm in the last phase of gathering photos to accompany my book on the 
emergence of Asian Americans (pub. date January 2000) and I'm still 
looking for photos by Asian American photographers on a few subjects. (I 
have other photos available, but I would like to use work by Asian 
American photographers wherever possible.) 
Photos on the topics I'm seeking are: 
1. The 1992 Los Angeles riots featuring Korean Americans, during or 
2. The 1998 Taxi Drivers strike in New York City, featuring South Asian 
3. The 3 gay and lesbian couples in Hawaii who sued for the right to 
marry, or other photos depicting the local community involvement in the 
campaign for same sex marriage. 
4. Gary Locke's swearing in, or his trip to China in 1997 
The photos will appear in black and white, on text paper (non-glossy).	
If you have photos on these topics, please contact me directly via email 
or phone. 
Helen Zia 
hzia1 at usa.net 
phone: 510-658-8557 

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