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Eun-su Cho eunsucho at umich.edu
Sat Sep 18 13:45:10 EDT 1999

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Dear List members,

I will appreciate it if you could help me spread the message I am
forwarding to any interested party.

Eun-su Cho
University of Michigan

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Professor Cho,

I am forwarding the announcement to you electronically so that it would be
easier to copy.  Thank you for your help.

Weiying Wan

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From: Weiying Wan <wywan at umich.edu>
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Subject: Position Announcement

The Asia Library seeks a Korean Studies Librarian. For information
concerning the Asia Library and this position, please visit the library
homepage at: http://asia.lib.umich.edu/career.htm



Under the general direction of the Head, Asia Library, the successful
candidate will serve as the Korean Bibliographer and the Processing
Librarian with responsibilities for the development of the Korean
Collection and access to electronic information sources, public and
information services related to Korean Studies, and the processing of
Korean language materials.

Duties include:
	selecting Korean Studies materials(paper and electronic information
sources) for acquisition for the Asia Library, and recommending
Western-language materials relevant to Korean Studies.
	participating in the management of the Asia Library collections, and
responsibility for acquisition of Korean language materials.
	providing information and bibliographic services, and instruction,
consultation, and introduction to library resources related to Korean
	developing and maintaining the Reference Collection for Korean Studies,
and developing web pages for Korean Studies.
	maintaining close contact with faculty, researchers, and students in
Korean Studies, and participating in the activities of the Korean Studies
	under the guidance of the Coordinator for Technical Services, Asia
Library, performs original cataloging of Korean language materials
	training, supervising, and reviewing student assistants work for Korean
language material searching, acquisitions, checklisting, binding, and
	perform maintenance and authority work for Korean language materials, and
provides consultation for other library units.

Required: Proficiency in modern Korean; reading knowledge of Chinese or
Japanese.  Substantial background in Korean Studies in humanities and
social sciences.  ALA accredited MLS.  Excellent communication skills.
Knowledge of Korean information sources, publishing industry and trade,
information technology (including Korean language word-processing), and
Korean libraries.

RANK, SALARY, & LEAVE: Rank of Assistant/Associate Librarian depending on
final classification.  Final salary dependent on rank and years of
previous relevant professional experience.  (Minimum salary -
$32,000/$35,500 depending on final rank); 24 working days of vacation a
year; 15 days of sick leave a year with provisions for extended benefits.

RETIREMENT PLAN: TIAA/CREF retirement plan; Fidelity Investments.

TO APPLY: Send cover letter & copy of resume to: Karen Downing: Library
Human Resources; 404 Hatcher Graduate Library North; University of
Michigan; Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1205

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Applications received by 9/30/99 will be given first

The University of Michigan is a non-discriminatory, affirmative action

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UM University of Michigan Librarys http:http://www.lib.umich.edu
UM Korean studies Program http://www.umich.edu/~iinet/ksp/
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UM Asian Languages and Cultures http://www.lsa.umich.edu/asian/
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Computing Facilities, Asia Library UM



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