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Al Greening who is on our BAC, the former Du Pont man, did put all his
Korean photos  in ? Please speak with him, when he returns from his
vacation. Also, what do they do in the libraries? Do they have any facility
available for the public use?

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> Hi!
> This is not an administrative message of any sort, but a question
> .... well, it is a little off-topic question (not about Korea). But
> since Eckart Dege set such parameters, allow me one such question.
> I have a few thousand Korea related slides which I now use for
> teaching (mostly in Korean art courses). Since everyone goes digital
> it seems like a bad investment to continue to store images in slide
> format. Although LCD projectors are still $4,000 and up, it seems
> just sooo much more convenient to use them (but I never have) ...
> since sorting images could be much easier and it would be possible to
> store them together with descriptions, etc.
> Well, I don't feel the cash in my pockets to spend twice $4,000 for
> two of these projectors (art historians always need two), but the
> prices will sure fall pretty soon, and I like to begin indexing the
> digital images I already have -- and they add up quickly. Some of you
> may have similar thoughts -- aren't we all on the edge if it comes to
> such technologies?
> My question: do you know of any *good* database program (either for
> Mac or for Windows) that is useful to store an unlimited number of
> images + text, and that will work with 2-byte characters as well? (If
> possible a program by any of the big software companies, so they
> won't go out of business and we will see updates to the program.) And
> the second question: to use images for LCD projector presentations,
> which format (jpg, pict) and what resolution do they perfectly need
> to be in? ..... Anybody on the list has any experience in this
> already?
> Although a technical question, I think it may interest others here
> who use images in their classes as well -- so, please reply to the
> list. Thanks!
> Frank

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