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Richard C. Miller rcmiller at students.wisc.edu
Wed Aug 30 20:30:17 EDT 2000

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At 02:05 PM 8/30/00 -0700, Micky Girardi with help of his wife Susie
"sookja" Girardi  wrote:
>Hello Everyone,
>This thread on Korean childbirth culture has been so
>helpful and therapeutic.  This was the best one ever
>since the dog-eating thread.  It is really good for

Allow me to extend to you the most fervent thanks, I am sure on behalf of
everyone on the list and indeed many of those no longer on the list, for
your most enlightening contributions to the discussion at hand. The
penetrating insight and depth of understanding that your post demonstrates
is surely matched only by the clear empathy you show for the other list
members and their concerns, not to mention your ability to raise the
intellectual quality of the discussion by demonstrating the subtlety of
your wit.

Once again, I thank you. We are all much better people as a result of your
participation in the list, and no doubt everyone would agree that this is
precisely the hoped-for result of a forum such as this. If only such an
effect could be extended to the real world, so that all humanity could

--Richard C. Miller
--UW School of Music
--Manado, Indonesia
--rcmiller at students.wisc.edu

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