[KS] Microfilm scanning

Tim Tangherlini tango at HUMnet.UCLA.EDU
Mon Aug 7 05:18:18 EDT 2000

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Microfilm and microfiche can be scanned really well--and is really great
for archive work if you store the images in the slightly larger TIFF
format. We had all of the field diaries of a well known folklore collector
scanned for about 30 cents per image from a large legal microfilm company
(probably the best people to do huge jobs of microfilm). Then you can throw
away your bulky microfilm readers...

At 01:40 PM 8/5/00 -0400, you wrote:
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>>How about microfilm/microfiche?  I contacted some companies that do the
>>service, but got few responses and none were really cost-efficient.
>What for? I don't understand.

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