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Henny Savenije adam&eve at henny-savenije.demon.nl
Tue Aug 29 12:36:14 EDT 2000

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At 11:50 PM 8/29/00, Dr. John Caruso Jr. wrote:
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>There are a number of medical procedures  that are often stressful for 
>mother and child as doctors and midwives struggle between balancing a
>natural event and medical safety.
>I agree unnecessary pain should be avoided  but the procedures you 
>described are more indicative of the comparative status of Korean women 
>then they are of devaluing motherhood or failing to love children in Korea.
>Given your negative experiences with a Korean OBGYN, in which country 
>(other than Korea) will your wife give birth?

We finally found a OBGYN who was willing to do it our way, but we have to 
travel quite far, so I guess as soon she feels any contractions we just 
have to go and hope they are the final ones. Didn't you know that airplane 
companies don't fly pregnant women past their 6th month? So we have no 
choice, unless we want to go by boat.

At 12:08 AM 8/30/00, Carlon Haas wrote:
> From my Korean friends' experience, they found the doctors in Korea are 
> very fond of cessarian births.  They think it has to do with the fact 
> that it is more expensive than natural brith.  But it is strange that a 
> large number of Korean women are told to have this procedure done.  So, 
> if your wife didn't have to go through that, then I think you're 
> (actually she's) rather lucky.
>I once found statistics about this sort of thing and if I can fidn them 
>again I'll post the.

Please do, since I am very curious, I think there are some doctors willing 
to change, but the demand for their service is that big, that they have 
some strange rules as well. First you have to go through a program, (for 
which of course you have to pay) even when my wife said, that I couldn't 
speak Korean, they wanted to make that obligatory.

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