[KS] Three-Day International Conference Announcement

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Wed Dec 20 18:01:54 EST 2000

A three-day international bilingual conference entitled Establishing a
Discipline: The Past, Present and Future of Korean Art History will take
place in Los Angeles on 16-18 March 2001, organized by the Los Angeles
County Museum of Art (LACMA) in cooperation with the University of
California Los Angeles (UCLA) and generously supported by The Korea
Preliminary schedule:

Friday March 16, 2001
Keynote Panel: Pioneers of the Field Inside and Outside Korea

Hong Sonp'yo, Ewha Women's University: "A Foundation-stone of Korean Art
History: O Sech'ang's (1864-1953) 'Kunyok sohwa ching'"

Kim Youngna, Seoul National University: "Ko Yusop (1904-1944), a Luminary in
Korean Art History: His Achievements and Limitations"

Park Soon-won, Keio University: "Colonial Invention of Korean Art Tradition:
Korean Art Histories Written by Japanese" 

Ahn Hwi-joon, Seoul National University: "Kim Won-yong (1922-1998) and
Post-War Korean Art History"

Michael Cunningham, Cleveland Museum of Art: "The National Museum of Korea
(1908- )"

Saturday March 17, 2001
Early Buddhist Art
Chair: Kim Lena, Hong Ik University 

Jonathan W. Best, Wesleyan University: "King Mu (r. 600-641) and the Making
and Meanings of the Miruk-sa of Paekche"

Choe Songeun, Duksung Women's University: "The Bronze Mold of a Buddha Image
from the West Pagoda of Hwaom-sa"

Rhi Juhyung, Seoul National University: "Early Korean Buddhist Images:
Conception and Response"

Han Kyeong Soon, Kyongju University: "A Buddhist Mural at the Tae'ung Hall
of Pongjong-sa in Andong: Method of Production and Means of Preservation"

The History and Influence of Korean ceramics 
Chair: Choi Kon, Hae Gang Ceramics Museum

Yun Yongi, Won Kwang University: "The Origin and Evolution of Koryo Celadons"

Katayama Mabi, Museum of Oriental Ceramics: "A Comparative Study of Inlaid
Celadons in Korea and Japan"

Lee Soyoung, Columbia University: "Beyond the Center: Regional Ceramic
Production in the Sixteenth Century "

Jeon Seung-Chang, Ho-Am Art Museum: "White Porcelain of the 18th and 19th
Centuries with Underglaze Copper-red Decoration"

Secular Arts of the Choson Period 
Chair: Yi Song-mi, The Academy of Korean Studies

Park Dowha, Kyongju University: "The Source and Meaning of Woodblock Prints
of the Buddhist 'Sutra of Parents' Mercy for their Children'"

Kim Dong-Uk, Kyonggi University: "Literati Retreats of the Middle Choson
Period and their Relationship with Astronomy"

Lee Taeho, Chon'nam University: "Chong Son's (1676-1759) Method of
Representing Actual Scenery: The 'Pagyon Waterfall' of the 1750s"

Yu Hong-June, Yongnam University: "Stylistic Changes in Portraits of Scholar
Officials of the Choson period"

Sunday March 18, 2001
Korean Art in Transition 
Chair: Kim Hongnam, Ewha Women's University 

Chong Pyong Mo, Museum of Kyongju University: "Folk Art Elements in Buddhist
Paintings of the late 19th and Early 20th Centuries"

Chung Hyung-min, Seoul National University: "Painting during the 'Taehan
Cheguk (1897-1910)'"

Lee Joohyun, Heidelberg University: "Wu Changshuo's (1844-1927) Influence on
Modern Korean painting"

Pai Hyung Il, University of California at Santa Barbara: "Seoul's South
Gate, National Treasure Number 1: Nationalism, Colonialism, and Contested
Cultural Properties"

Roundtable: Future Directions of Korean Art History 
Moderators: Burglind Jungmann (UCLA, LACMA) and J. Keith Wilson (LACMA)

Louise Cort, Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
Lothar von Falkenhausen, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Jan Fontein, former Director, Boston Museum of Fine Arts
Paik Kumja, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Donald McCallum, UCLA
Pak Youngsook, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Pre-registration: $ 60 (Students $ 50) 
A pre-registration form can be downloaded from <http//:www.lacma.org> and
sent or faxed to:  The Far Eastern Art Department, Los Angeles County Museum
of Art,
5905 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90036, Fax: (323) 932-5813

LACMA has secured discount rates for a limited number of participants at the
Radisson Hotel in Los Angeles (until Feb. 14, 2001). For information, please
call the hotel directly at (213) 368-3008 (confirmation no. LA 316-01) or
(800-333-3333) (confirmation no. LA 316).

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