[KS] Request for Book Review

Kim, Tschung-Sun tskim at hiu.edu
Tue Dec 19 16:53:10 EST 2000

Dear Colleagues:

We at ACTA KOREANA have received the following two review copies, and are
looking for people who are interested in writing a book review of either of
them. Accepted reviews will be included in Acta Koreana, Vol. 4, 2001,
which is to be published in July. The review should be submitted by the end
of March 2001. Please contact me if you are interested, including a short
introduction of yourself.

1. John B. Duncan, The Origins of the Choson Dynasty, University of
Washington Press, 2000. 390 pages. 
"The Choson dynasty is generally considered to have been established by a
new socioeconomic class of scholar-officials of local-landlord origins.
But, this book refutes that view, showing that a key feature of the
dynastic transition was continuity in the structure and composition of the
central ruling class and arguing that the main force was the need to revamp
institutions to protect aristocratic interests."

2. Warren I. Cohen, East Asia at the Center, Columbia University Press,
2001, 500 pages.
"This book reveals little-known facts, such as: (1) A record of persistent
Chinese imperialism in the region. (2) Tibet's status as a major power from
the 7th to the 9th century C.E., frequently invading China and decimating
Chinese armies. (3) Japan's dependence on Korea for its early development."

Tschung-Sun Kim, Ph.D.
Editor of Acta Koreana

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