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Mark Peterson Mark_Peterson at byu.edu
Thu Dec 14 17:30:55 EST 2000

Dear Prof. Yi, and others interested in this thread:

	Your first paragraph offers a tantalizing glimpse of a 
fascinating topic without any help in getting more than the glimpse 
(well, I guess we could write to Prof. Van Sickle); but could you 
provide a citation, or website where we can see the article, or -- 
and this might be a big OR -- perhaps you could provide us with a 
brief, brief Reader's Digest version.  I think many of us who are 
interested in the US side of the question, would like to see a little 
bit about what is going on on the Korean side.  (Bruce Grant, for 
one, has posted a message to that effect.)

>Dr. Ronald Van Sickle, a former head of the social science education
>department at the University of Georgia, U. S., has recently presented a
>paper on the ways in which the U. S. is presented in secondary Korean
>textbooks. His research has focused on this subject for the past few

	I'd like you to say a little bit more about your second 
paragraph as well.  The contrast with the Japanese samurai is quite 
striking and interesting, and maybe obvious.  The comparison with the 
Chinese gentry is less striking, and in fact so similar to many that 
it is hard to draw the comparison.  What are some of the things your 
students have found?

>Many of my students who took East Asian literature and culture courses
>have pointed out a striking contrast between a traditional Korean
>culture hero--scholar-official or poet-official--and the Japanese
>warrior hero. Those students who have studied Chinese literature have
>also noted differences between the Korean and Chinese versions of the
>Confucian gentleman. Would this be a "good" example from Korea?
>Hyangsoon Yi
>University of Georgia

	Wow!  That came across quite school marmish.  Didn't mean to. 
Just trying to elicit discussion in an area that looks promising -- 
at least to me.  (And maybe to a few others -- in addition to the 
messages posted on this list, I've had several supportive and 
interesting off-line messages as well.)

With best regards,
Mark Peterson
Korean Studies

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