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Hong Kiltong was a real historical figure who was active as a leader of bandit in Ch'ungch'ong Province during the years of YOnsan'gun's rule.  The Chinese charaters used for Hong Kiltong are the same as those known today except for the last one.  The character for "tong" (meaning "same" or "equal") is same as in Taedong River.

According to one entry in the sillok for the year 1500, Hong Kiltong, wearing a full garb of a high official and claiming to be "Ch'Omji", led his badit group in raiding government offices in Ch'ungch'ong Province in broad daylight, but no one dared to report to higher authorities.  (YOnsan'gun Ilgi, 39: 23a)  A couple of other entries I found on him are in the same YOnsan'gun ilgi, 39: 12a, 15b-16a.  There may be more.

Hong Kiltong is also mentioned by Yi ChOngsu in his study, "16-segi tojOk palsaeng kwa kU sahoe kyOngjejOk Uimi," in <Han'guksa yOn'gu> 92 (1996).

At 08:42 AM 2/28/2000 -1000, Donald Baker wrote:
>What is the evidence that Hong Kiltong-jeon
>was originally written in han'gul rather
>than being written in Hanmun in the 17th century
>and translated into han'gul a century or so
>later? As far as I know, Ho Kyun wrote
>nothing else in han'gul, so why would
>the HKT story be any different? Also,
>Ho Kyun doesn't show much evidence
>in his political career of being much
>of a radical, so what justification
>is there for a radical interpretation
>of his story?
>A question for Mickey Hong: do you have
>the sillok citation for Hong Kil-tong?
>I am curious to know what the sillok
>says about him. 
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