[KS] Korean Comfort Women: New Film and Book

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Fri Feb 11 17:40:17 EST 2000

I write to announce that I recently produced a film, Silence Broken:  Korean 
Comfort Women, and published a book with the same title.  The film and book 
are based upon extensive interviews with former comfort women in Korean, 
China and Japan.  As a native Korean who lived through the Korean War and 
came to this country to pursue graduate studies, I was able to talk directly, 
candidly, and empathetically and they poured our their hearts.  The film 
which has been screened widely at festivals in the United States and Korea 
will be broadcast nationally on PBS on May 18, 2000.  It has been described 
as "A wrenching and formally inventive work....that crafts a complicated and 
impassioned historical documentary through interviews with survivors, 
dramatic recreations of their stories and the bald faced denial of many 
Japanese leaders and veterans."  (Gary Dauphin, The Village Voice) and as a 
"huge gift to humanity," (Lawrence Fuchs, Professor of American Civilization 
and Politics, Brandeis University.)

The film is available for institutional purchase or rental.  Home video 
rights are not available until the end of the four year PBS contract period.  
There are two versions of the film;  88 minutes and 57 minutes.  The longer 
version has more dramatization; both present extensive interviews.

The book is essentially in-depth interviews with former comfort women, 
focusing not only upon their horrendous wartime experiences but also upon 
their lives before and after.  There are also chapters providing historical 

For additional information, including how to order, please go to my Web Site: 

Dai Sil Kim-Gibson
27 Old Mill Road
New Paltz, NY  12561
Email:  DaiSil at aol.com


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