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Mickey Hong hong at HUMnet.UCLA.EDU
Tue Feb 29 03:08:33 EST 2000

Mea culpa.

Double checked the source & I got confused when the author used the modification
chaku^n to describe the brother & sister.  Ho^ Yo^p had 3 sons & 3 daughters & Ho^
Kyun was the youngest.  The age gap between Hyo^ Pong, the older brother (chaku^n
hyo^ng), of 18 years added to the confusion.

Does anyone know, then, when the oldest brother of Ho^ Kyun was born & if his
mother was also that of K & P.  Trying to get a full sense of the Ho^ family


kimrenau wrote:

> I am not sure where Mickey Hong got the information, but as far as I know, HO
> Kyun was a _tongbok_ (of the same father and the same mother) of his talented
> siblings, HO Pong and HO NansOrhOn. Their mother was a second wife (huch'O)
> but not a secondary wife (ch'Op).  Their mother was a yangban (a KangnUng Kim)
> and a daughter of a Yejo p'ansO (Minister of Rites).  Ho NansOrhon married an
> Andong Kim, another illustrious yangban, something she presumably could not
> do, were she a sOnyO (less than a full yangban).  Her brother HO Pong and her
> father-in-law are said to have been friends, who arranged her marriage with
> her husband Kim SOngnip.
> Young-Key Kim-Renaud


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