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Dear members of the Hong KT Fan Club,

Gari Keith Ledyard wrote:

>         A question was asked about the birth dates of the rest of the
> family.  No one has mentioned the first son, HO SOng, (1548-1612), a
> saengwOn, and in 1583 a munkwa passer.  He had some respectable posts, was
> like his sibs reputed for his literary skills, and served as secretary on
> the embassy to Japan in 1590, from which the two senior ambassadors
> famously returned from their interview with Hideyoshi, one believing that
> H. would certainly invade, the other that he would not, with the
> government believing the wrong one.

HO SOng accompanied Kim SOngil & Hwang Yungil.  Kim who was a Tongin (an Easterner) in
power at the time wanted to maintain order & reported that Hideyoshi wouldn't invade;
Hwang reported otherwise.  HO wanted to report the fact beyond factional strife so he
agreed w/ Hwang.  Of course, HO & Hwang's view was dismissed by the Kim's faction.

>         Thus the four HO sibs were HO SOng (b. 1548), HO Pong
> (1551), NansOrhOn (ca. 1560), and HO Kyun (1569).  As far as I know, these
> were all tongbok, as Young-Key said.  This information and just about
> everything detailed above could be got in a few minutes by looking at
> obvious entries in Han'guk InmyOng TaesajOn.

Prof. SOl SOnggyOng states that HO Kyun comes from a family of 3 brothers & 3 sisters (6
siblings total, HO Kyun included).  Ch'a Yongju's _Ho Kyun yon'gu_  supports this:

>From his 1st wife Kim, Han YOp had 1 son (SOng) & two daughters (one of whom was married
to U ChOnbu).  From his 2nd wife Kim, he had 2 sons (Pong & Kyun) & 1 daughter
(NansOrhOn who was married to Kim SOngnip).  SOng & Kyun, not Pong & Kyun, were

Mickey Hong


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