[KS] Re: Graduate Programs: USA

Ross King jrpking at unixg.ubc.ca
Thu Feb 3 14:34:34 EST 2000

Hi Hollee:

Just put two and two together and realizes we'd corresponded before about
the Korean Language Village. So I am taking the liberty of pinging you with
the message below (and assume you have enough references for now on Soviet

Greetings. You may remember corresponding with me last year about "Sup
sogui Hosu", the new Korean Language Village at Concordia Language

I am writing again to encourage you to apply for a staff position. I won't
bore you with the details again unless you write back and ask, but do
please spread the word that we are looking for staff. Contract dates are
June 4-25.

There are now 2 ways to apply.

1) interactive web application (somewhat fiddly and time-consuming, but
saves lots of time in the overall process once you get it right)

2) downloadable staff app which you then print out, fill out, and send by

The website is www.cord.edu, and the staff app is at:


All the best,

Ross King
Associate Professor of Korean,
University of British Columbia


Dean, Korean Language Village, Concordia Language Villages


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