[KS] Korean Doctoral Student Association-USA founded

Jungug Choi jchoi at mail.la.utexas.edu
Thu Feb 24 21:32:08 EST 2000

Dear Colleague:

I am writing to let you that the Korean Doctoral Student Association in
the USA has been founeded. It was granted the status of a related group of
the American Political Science Association. 
We opened our website 
                       at http://www.kdosa.org.

Our email list is kdosa-l at mail.la.utexas.edu. You may post your message
at our bulletin board at the website or through the mailing list. We would
greatly appreciate if you share any information relevant to Korean studies
with us. In particular, notices concerning job vacancies and fellowship
opportunites would be welcome.  For any questions or comments, feel free
to mail them to kdosa at mail.la.utexas.edu. 

This year, we put together a panel dicussing "ChaeBul" at the Annual
Meeting of the APSA.

Thanks for your attention and encouragement. 

Jung Choi

:       JUNGUG CHOI, Ph.D. Candidate (ABD)            :	
:   The University of Texas at Austin, Government     :
:       homepage: http://www.loginhere.com            :
:          voice message:++65 9941 6616               :
: I am proud to be a member of http://www.kdosa.org.  :


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