[KS] RE: Chosun dynasy royal records on the internet

Henny Savenije adam&eve at henny-savenije.demon.nl
Wed Feb 23 05:21:11 EST 2000

At 04:57 PM 2/23/00 , you wrote:

> > Does this work under Windows, I mean non-Korean Windows with TwinBridge or
> > any other Korean language support system???
>Yes--if you are using Word/Office 2000 in Win95/98/NT4, you can download a
>Korean IME (or Japanese, Chinese) for free from the Windows update site
>(windowsupdate.microsoft.com). But to use it, you will need to know the
>standard location of hangul characters on your keyboard.  I have used this
>in both English and Japanese Windows with no problems.

It works for word, but that was not the question. The question was if this 
works for the program to read the Choson royal records on the internet. In 
that case it doesn't, no use downloading those fonts for the Citrix ICA 
Client (File name: NPICAN.DLL) (Citrix ICA Plugin DLL (Win32))

Just look at the original mail please to understand what this is about.

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