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Charles Armstrong cra10 at columbia.edu
Tue Feb 29 18:26:43 EST 2000

Dear all,

I would like to underscore Horace's announcement and recommend that viewers
in Seoul check out "Pakha Sat'ang", a well-crafted,  powerful and disturbing
film that touches on some highly sensitive issues of recent Korean history.

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From: Horace H. Underwood <hhu at fulbright.or.kr>
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Date: Tuesday, February 29, 2000 12:04 PM
Subject: Movie with English subtitles

>Dear Korean-Studies Colleagues:
>For years I have been complaining that while Koreans show their movies with
>subtitles all around the world, they don't show them in Korea itself.  The
>city with the greatest number of "foreigners-interested-in-Korea" is Seoul
>itself.  A few years ago the movie "Ku som-e kago sipda" (Anglicized as "To
>the Starry Island") was shown with subtitles and foreigners flocked to see
>what was not actually such a wonderful movie.  Finally, I then thought,
>people will realize there IS demand for subtitled movies in Korea itself,
>and such showings will become a regular thing.  Nope.  Nothing.  Even in
>Singapore you can see commercial showings of Korean films with English
>subtitles on a random weekday.  But not in Seoul.
>Now there is such an opportunity.  The highly acclaimed movie "Peppermint
>Candy" (Pakha sat'ang) is being shown with English subtitles at two
>The theatres are the Theater Lumiere in Kangnam and the Shinchon Grand
>Theater  near Yonsei.  Showings are the same at both theatres:  11:30,
>13:50; 16:10; 18:30; 20:50.  Reservations can apparently be made at
>3462-8400.  I hope you will all take advantage of this opportunity if you
>are in Seoul this weekend, and tell anyone you meet how this kind of
>opportunity should continue.
>Horace H. Underwood, Executive Director
>Korean-American Educational Commission (Fulbright)
>Seoul, Korea
>hhu at fulbright.or.kr


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