[KS] Hong Kil-tong in the _Mansong taedongbo_

Eugene Y. Park eugene.park at yale.edu
Mon Feb 28 18:06:41 EST 2000

Dear List:

Just a minor point here.  As Mark Peterson points out, Edward Wagner never
took that Hong Kil-tong entry in the _Mansong taedongbo_ seriously.  I
still remember his laughing at it, pointing to the bix "X" he put over the
name!  My question: Is HKT recorded in any standard Namyang Hong chokpo?
The volume of _Namyang Hong-ssi taegwan_ records no such son under Hong
Sang-jik.  At a time like this, I wish I were at the Harvard-Yenching
Library, so I could run down to its basement and check the dusty chokpo!

Gene Park

On Mon, 28 Feb 2000, Mickey Hong wrote:

> of Yo^nsan'gun (1500).  His name is also recorded in _Mansu^ng tadong
> po_ as the 2nd son of Hong Sangjik who knew Taoist magic.
> Coincidence?


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