[KS] hello

Onno Veer osveer at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 29 12:42:37 EST 2000

Hello List!

My name is Onno Veer, I am new here on the list and really exited about 
recieving so many messages. I am particularly interested in current North 
Korean issues. I would be very happy to hear from anyone who has recent 
material about Kim Jong Il, the economic and military situation, human 
rights issues, etc...
I recently read an article in the Asia Times about North Korea by Bradley 
Martin (19 Feb 2000) (http://www.atimes.com/koreas/BB19Dg01.html)
He mentionned in the end a website by the association of North Korean 
Defectors; does anyone know the address of this website?
Thanks very much.
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