[KS] Hong Kiltong, Ho Kyun, Soja, etc.

Eugene Y. Park eugene.park at yale.edu
Mon Feb 28 20:29:30 EST 2000

Dear List:

On Mon, 28 Feb 2000, Mickey Hong wrote:

> Hong Sangjik, Hong KT's father according to _MTP_, was certainly a real
> person.   _MTP_ records Hong KT as the 2nd son of Hong SJ, whose 1st son was
> Hong Iltong.  Hong KT's name doesn't appear in the Namhyang Hong kagyedo b/c
> he's illegitimate, but the Hong family chokpo indicates that both IT & KT were
> Hong SJ's sons.

Based on my experience working with Korean chokpo, soja generally were
recorded, but they were prominently marked as such (until around 1900) and
recorded after all their chokcha siblings.  So if Hong Kiltong indeed was
a son (soja or chokcha, regardless) of Hong Sangjik, he should have been
recorded in a Namyang Hong chokpo.  Once in a while, though, very obscure
soja do get omitted--especially those fathered by yangban officials while
serving at remote provincial posts.

Mickey: I'm a bit confused now.  You say that Hong Kiltong's name doesn't
appear in the Namyang Hong kagyebo but the Hong family chokpo indicates
that he was Hong Sangjik's son.  Being the shameless pohak I am,
("lineage-alogist"), I'm very curious: could you point me to the Hong
genealogy you're referring to?  Also, is it possible that you might have
equated a second wife (huch'o, like Ho Pong and Ho Nansorhon's mother)
with a secondary wife (ch'op)?  You know, a second wife was a full-fledged
wife.  This seems to be only way to reconcile what you know about Ho
Kyun's siblings and what Prof. Kim-Renaud points out.


Gene Park


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