[KS] Re: World Congress on Environmental Design for the New

Richard C. Miller rcmiller at students.wisc.edu
Sun Feb 20 21:58:11 EST 2000

I agree that an attachment of 1.5MB is more than a little excessive,
especially in my case...a slow modem on a dirty phone line from North
Sulawesi, Indonesia. However, to save yourself unexpected surprises like
this in the future, check your email software to see if you can refuse
attachments and messages above a certain size. For example, I'm using
Eudora (Windows) right now, and I have my program set to refuse to download
messages above 50K. (Options>Checking Mail on the Tools menu). If you do
this, then you get an abbreviated version of the message, along with
instructions to "click the server icon" and check your mail again if you
really want the whole thing.

Alas, it's not just junk emails, but also photos of pets and newborn babies
from well-meaning friends who live right on the backbone of the Internet
that caused me to look for this setting...

Richard Miller

--Richard C. Miller
--UW School of Music
--Manado, Indonesia
--rcmiller at students.wisc.edu


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