[KS] Re: More on HKT

Ross King jrpking at unixg.ubc.ca
Mon Feb 28 14:04:30 EST 2000

On the subject of HKT, and the now somewhat questionable notion that it is
'the first hankul novel', I recommend the following book by Yi Pokkyu:

_Saylo palkwul han choki kwukmun*kwukmun-pon sosel_ [newly discovered early
vernacular- and/or hankul-versions of Korean fiction] (excuse the butchered
translation!! -- RK). Published in 1998 by Pakiceng.

The basic contention is that all the extant "i-pon" of HKT date from the
19th century, that He Kyun's 'original' HKT text must have been a hanmun
text, and that recently uncovered texts like Selkongchan-cen, Wangsi-cen,
Wangsipon-cen, etc., found in the "Mwukcay Ilki" of Yi Mwunken (1494-1567)
qualify as the earliest known and extant "kocen sosel" in Korean.

Ross King


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