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Moderated korean-studies list

The korean-studies list is an international, English-language, 
nonpartisan, moderated electronic discussion group on Korea. Current 
'list owners' are Rob Provine, Stephen Epstein and Frank Hoffmann. We 
post only messages with substantial Korean studies content or with 
content that will be of wide interest within the discipline. All 
postings will be permanently stored online. While the korean-studies 
discussion list is similar to an academic seminar, open only to those 
with a serious academic commitment to Korean studies, its Mailing 
List Archives as well as the Korean Studies Review (an electronic 
review journal of works pertaining to Korean studies) are available 
to all. Postings from this forum may be quoted but, with the 
exception of job and conference announcements,  are not to be 
reprinted in full
elsewhere without the express permission of the author.  In any case, 
we ask that proper credit be given to the author and to the 
korean-studies list, and that the date of posting be given.

The primary purpose of korean-studies is to enable Korea scholars to 
communicate current research and teaching interests; to discuss new 
articles, books, papers, approaches, methods and tools of analysis; 
to test new ideas and share comments and tips on teaching. Relevant 
academic job announcements, and fellowship announcements may also be 
posted. Organizers of conferences and symposia in Asian Studies are 
encouraged to post calls for papers and program contents. Similarly, 
we encourage graduate students to post abstracts of their doctoral 
dissertations. Reports on new archival or bibliographic sources, new 
software, datasets or CD-ROMs are also welcome.

We emphasize that korean-studies is a moderated list. Posts are to be 
solid, thoughtful, and to the point. The list moderators will screen 
all incoming messages to eliminate "spam" and other inappropriate 
commercial solicitations, private email, messages that do not fit 
adequately into scholarly debate, and attachments of any kind. 
Chitchat is to be kept to a minimum, as is disproportionate quotation 
of other messages. We also discourage discussion so heated that it 
may be construed as personal, and we will not publish messages that 
pursue debate in an overly aggressive fashion or contain ad hominem 
attacks. Although we realize that this is a controversial position, 
we maintain it because we believe that a professional tone is 
conducive to academic inquiry--as well as to the comfort of the 
subscribers of the moderated list. The list moderators will not 
censor ideas that are presented, but we will do our utmost to ensure 
that clearly irrelevant, unprofessional and impolite materials do not 
appear on the list.

We also reserve the right to make minor editorial changes (e.g. 
spelling corrections) as needed.  If the message is accepted but more 
substantial editing is required, the message will be returned to the 
author with changes for approval or with a request for rewriting. 
Please note that while the list moderators' decision about messages 
is final and list moderation policy will not be discussed on the list 
itself, the moderators are happy to respond to concerns privately.
Joining the moderated korean-studies list entails agreement with the 
principles outlined above.


Robert C. Provine
Stephen Epstein
Frank Hoffmann

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