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Thu Nov 9 02:14:02 EST 2000

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Dear colleagues,

It has grown increasingly evident from discussions on the list and in 
private messages to us that members have quite varying ideas of what 
the korean-studies list should be like.  We have therefore decided to 
respond positively and provide two contrasting lists to cater both 
for those who prefer a free-wheeling open approach and those who 
would like to see adherence to more stringent guidelines and take 
part in a lower volume list:

1) A fully open, unmoderated, self-regulating list ("ks-open") which 
will continue automatically with the current list of members.  This 
list will enjoy all the benefits of openness and is an appropriate 
forum for more informal and wide-ranging submissions relating to 
Korean Studies.  Our management of the list will consist only in 
maintaining the address data base and preventing unwanted commercial 
solicitations, but we do reserve the right to terminate the list if 
circumstances dictate. A fuller description of the new open list's 
policies may be found at

2) A strongly moderated list ("korean-studies"), in which all 
submissions are expected to pertain to Korean Studies in a scholarly 
way; messages to the list are expected to be academic discussions 
rather than chat room contributions, and suggestions about management 
of the list are to be off-list.  Korean Studies Review will be 
published only on the moderated list.  For further details on list 
policies and in order to sign up, please go to:
The next message will also contain a fuller description of the moderated list.

Again please note that if you are currently subscribed to 
"korean-studies", you will be automatically transferred to the open 
list ("ks-open") only.  For any changes in subscription status on 
this open list, please go to http://www.iic.edu/thelist/.

Both lists will be archived, and the archives are open to all who 
wish to see them.  Participation in both lists is welcome and even 
encouraged, but all members of the moderated list must accept and 
follow the guidelines for submission. Double-postings are not 
encouraged, but since one of the lists is open, they cannot be 


Robert C. Provine
Stephen Epstein
Frank Hoffmann

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