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Workshop 2001: Language, Text and Culture 

-Ways of Perceiving and Ways of Presenting

Feb., 1-2, 2001 

Sydney, Australia 


I. Workshop Announcement

The second annual workshop entitled "Workshop 2001: Language, 
Text and Culture" will take place on February 1 and 2, 2001 in 
Sydney, Australia, hosted by the School of European, Asian and 
Middle Eastern Languages and Studies, University of Sydney. 

The workshop focuses on the application of Linguistic and Cultural 
Studies approaches to text analysis. Particular attention is given to 
the ways in which different cultural perceptions are reflected and 
presented in the texts. 

II. Call for Proposed Papers

Papers are welcome, covering any aspect of discourse analysis 
relating to cultural perception and representation. Presentations will 
be 60 or 90 minutes in duration. 

Please note that presentation should be in a workshop format, with 
the opportunity for active involvement from all participants. 

III. Submission of Abstracts

Abstracts must be in English, not exceeding 300 words.  

It should be submitted in the form of print-ready electronic file (MS-
Word) to either Keizo.Nanri at asis.usyd.edu.au or 
jchang at ling.mq.edu.au.  

Abstracts and personal information must be received by December 
31, 2000. 

Organizing committee: Alice Caffarel, Junghee Chang, Nerida 	
					      Jarkey, Keizo Nanri, Judith Snodgrass.

* For inquiries and further information, please contact  

jchang at ling.mq.edu.au

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