[KS] Request for Book Review

Kim, Tschung-Sun tskim at hiu.edu
Tue Nov 28 19:35:55 EST 2000

Dear Colleagues:

We at Acta Koreana have received the following review copies, and are
available for the people who are interested in writing a book review of any
of them. Accepted reviews will be included in Acta Koreana, Vol. 4, 2001,
which will be published in July. The review should be submitted by the end
of Feburary 2001.

(1) Syngman Rhee, The Spirit of Independence: A Primer of Korean
Modernization and Reform (Translated, annotated, and with an Introduction
by Han-Kyo Kim), University of Hawaii Press 2001. 300 pages.
"The 29 old Rhee completed the manuscript in 1904 while imprisoned in
Seoul. It reveals the depth of Korean angst over the threat to Korean
independence, and an impassioned plea to the Koreans to recognize the
mortal dangers threatening their nation." 
(2) Hyung Il Pai, Constructing Korean Origins: A Critical Review of
Archaeology, Historiography, and Racial Myth in Korean State-Formation
Theories, Harvard University Asia Center 2000. 540 pages.
"It gives a trenchant critique of colonialist and nationalist scholarship
on early Korea, and offers an argued model of cultural interaction based on
the Han Chinese Lelang outpost in Korea as the catlyst for early state
formation among the various peoples in northeast Asia."

Tschung-Sun Kim
Editor of Acta Koreana
tskim at hiu.edu

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