[KS] Korean youth culture lectures at Harvard

stephen.epstein at vuw.ac.nz stephen.epstein at vuw.ac.nz
Tue Nov 28 17:16:56 EST 2000

"Do-It-Yourself:  Identity, Globalization, and Korean Youth Cultures"

An afternoon of exploring aspects of globalization, the processes of cultural
hybridization and the construction of identity in youth cultures in Seoul,
South Korea and Los Angeles. 

Friday, December 1st, 2000, 1:00 p.m.
Barker Center, Thompson Room 

Stephen Epstein (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand):
"Identity, Globalization and Korean Underground Music:  Anarchy in the  ROK?"

Timothy Tangherlini (Harvard University and UCLA):  
"From Chishin Palpgi to Car Modification:  Korean American Youth Identity in
Los Angeles"

Followed by a showing and roundtable discussion of a documentary
"Our Nation":  Punk Rock Comes to Korea

Co-Sponsored by Folklore and Mythology 
the Korean Association

For more information please call 617-495-4788

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