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Anyone interested in one of the two following panel ideas?

1. Pre-Han´g§l and Non-Han'g§l writing systems in Korea (kugy%l, 
idu, toponyms in Chinese characters ...)

2. Influence of Chinese grammar on Korean grammar (by way of 
%nhae, or the like)

Greetings, Werner Sasse (Hamburg/Germany)

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> Dear all,
> Following up on Koen De Ceuster's announcement, I would like to encourage
> any interested members of this listserve to consider submitting a proposal
> for ICAS 2 this year. ICAS is a unique opportunity for bringing together
> scholars and scholarship on Asia not only among Europeans, but between
> Europeans and Americans, Asians, and others. It would be very encouraging  
> for us in the far-flung Korean Studies field to see a strong Korean
> Studies representation there. Particularly for my colleagues in North
> America, ICAS is an excellent forum for linking up with the growing
> Asian studies community in Europe. The proposal deadline this year
> is December 1, and the conference will take place in Berlin in August.
> Hope to see as many of you there as possible,
> Charles K. Armstrong


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