[KS] Re: Call for Papers: ICAS 2

Charles Rd K Armstrong cra10 at columbia.edu
Wed Nov 8 17:01:44 EST 2000

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Dear all,

Following up on Koen De Ceuster's announcement, I would like to encourage
any interested members of this listserve to consider submitting a proposal
for ICAS 2 this year. ICAS is a unique opportunity for bringing together
scholars and scholarship on Asia not only among Europeans, but between
Europeans and Americans, Asians, and others. It would be very encouraging  
for us in the far-flung Korean Studies field to see a strong Korean
Studies representation there. Particularly for my colleagues in North
America, ICAS is an excellent forum for linking up with the growing
Asian studies community in Europe. The proposal deadline this year
is December 1, and the conference will take place in Berlin in August.
Hope to see as many of you there as possible,

Charles K. Armstrong

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