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Kirk W. Larsen kwlarsen at gwu.edu
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Hello all,

a quick apology for my misreading of Robert's question. That Preston was the
owner of the _General Sherman_  and that it contracted with Meadows and Co.
on its ill-fated mission says nothing one way or the other about whether the
ship may have been commandeered by one Burgevine before the trip to Korea.

My apologies,

Kirk Larsen
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> I am sorry to bother the group with yet another question.....
> There was an American mercenary named Burgevine who seized an American
> named the General Sherman while it was at Yokohama in late April 1865.  He
> then took this ship back to Taiwan in May and refurbished his ship and
> with mercenaries and weapons.  He was eventually arrested.
> My question is:  Was this the same ship as the General Sherman that was
> destroyed by the Koreans?
> Thanks for any assistance...
> Robert

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