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Kirk W. Larsen kwlarsen at gwu.edu
Wed Nov 1 13:33:09 EST 2000

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My understanding is that the _General Sherman_ was owned by an American by
the name of W.B. Preston. Preston arranged with a firm in Tianjin, Meadows
and Co., for the goods the ship took on its ill-fated mission.

Some reports indicate that there were five Westerners on board the ship.
Preston, Robert Thomas (a Welsh clergyman), and three others. One of them
may have been your Burgevine, but I have never seen his name mentioned.

Hope this helps,

Kirk Larsen

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> I am sorry to bother the group with yet another question.....
> There was an American mercenary named Burgevine who seized an American
> named the General Sherman while it was at Yokohama in late April 1865.  He
> then took this ship back to Taiwan in May and refurbished his ship and
> with mercenaries and weapons.  He was eventually arrested.
> My question is:  Was this the same ship as the General Sherman that was
> destroyed by the Koreans?
> Thanks for any assistance...
> Robert

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