[KS] Economic Integration in Koreas: Prospect and Risks

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October 17, 2000

Dear Friend:

We are pleased to share with you that Marcus Noland, Senior Fellow, 
Institute for International Economics, presented the subject paper
(ICAS Lectures No. 2000-1013-MxN), "Economic Integration in Koreas: 
Prospect and Risks" at the ICAS Fall Symposium 2000 in Washington, D. C. 
last week (13th).

Noland argues that "North Korea faces a fundamentally supportive 
international environment. South Korea, Japan, China, even the US want 
to see a less belligerent North Korea survive until a consensual process 
of reconciliation and unification can take place on the Korean
peninsula. ... [t]he most likely outcome is a continued muddling through 
in which the regime makes series of ad hoc adjustments in economic 
policy while supported by external powers ... to the risks of
instability or collapse.  The outcome could well be ... "apparatchik 
capitalism" in which the political elite would use their control over 
state power to channel the lion's share of rents generated 
by a partially marketized and non-transparent economy to themselves." 
A complete text of his paper is posted on 

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