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>KOREAN UNDERGROUND FILMS at the University of Chicago
>Rewind: Two Decades of Korean Independent Media
>Rewind: Two Decades of Korean Independent Media, a film showcase touring
>nationally in the U.S., will present Chicago viewers with a sampling of 20
>years of underground, pro-democracy media from south Korea, on November 13
>and 14 at the University of Chicago.  Sponsored by the Center for East
>Asian Studies, each evening will feature 5 documentary and narrative films
>on the topics of Korea's reunification, women's movement, crisis of the
>urban poor and labor struggles. 
>Dong-Won Kim, one of the featured filmmakers who was arrested for
>producing independent films, is traveling with the screening tour, from
>the West Coast thru Michigan and Chicago to New York City.  Mr. Kim will
>be present at the Chicago screenings to answer audience questions.
>The films present an insider's point of view and interpretation of Korean
>society as it transitioned from military dictatorship to civilian
>government during the eighties and nineties.  The works reflect the rise
>of social-issue films and videos in south Korea, often in spite of
>government restrictions on freedom of expression and at the risk of arrest
>and imprisonment faced by many independent filmmakers.
><<<<<<<<<<<<<<Films Subtitled in English where necessary>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
>Monday, November 13:	Starting @ 4 PM - 8 PM (Cobb 210)
>Ban, Directed by Sung Mi Park, 54 min 1998: The story of 130,000 Korean
>residents in Japan who refuse to swear allegiance to either North or South
>Korea and are denied entry to the South.
>Camp Arirang, Directed by Diana S. Lee & Grace Yoon-Kyung Lee, 28 min,
>1995: A gritty look at the camp towns surrounding U.S. military bases in
>south Korea, through the eyes of Yon Ja Kim, a charismatic 50 year-old
>ex-sex worker.
>Urban Poor
>The Sang Kye-dong Olympics, Directed by Dong-Won Kim, 27 min, 1988:
>Seoul's urban poor struggled to keep their homes in spite of redevelopment
>taking place under the pretext of beautifying Seoul for the 1988 Olympics.
>>From the Crisis of Capital to the Hope of Labor: Progress!, Directed by
>Labor News Production, 40 min, 1998: A powerful video sketch on the
>struggles of the Korean working class under the IMF financial crisis of
>Line-Up, Directed by Young-Min Go & Beom Jun Woo, 18 min, 1998: A short
>film satirizing Korea's educational system in a creative way.
>November 14:	Starting @ 5 PM - 9 PM (BSLC Main Lecture Hall)
>Home's Apart, Directed by JT Takagi and Christine Choy, 56 min, 1991: The
>obstacles and the path to reunification viewed through one man's journey
>to unite with his sister in north Korea.
>My Own Breathing, Directed by Young-Joo Byun, 77 min, 1999: The third in a
>trilogy on Korean Comfort women, women who were abducted during WWII to
>serve as sex slaves for the Japanese Imperial Army.
>Urban Poor
>Another World We are Making, Directed by Dong Won Kim, 42 min, 1999
>Torn apart by Seoul's redevelopment plans the people of Hang Dang-dong
>decide to fight back.
>A Day, Directed by Heung-Sik Park, 20 min, 1999
>A day laborer tries in vain to get a day's work to pay for his mother's
>memorial services.
>October 28th, 1979, A Sunny Sunday, Directed by Jong-kwan Kwon, 17 min,
>The day after the assassination of President Park, four children are left
>home alone, in which responsibility turns into an abuse of power.
>Sponsored by the University of Chicago Center for East Asian Studies
>Questions? Contact Suzy Kim at suzykim at midway.uchicago.edu
>Refreshments will be served.

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