[KS] "love" scars: buddhism

brian betty monkeygod at gargoyle13.com
Wed Nov 8 12:50:12 EST 2000

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Lauren Deutsch wrote: "I have seen Korean and Chinese Buddhist monks and nuns
with burn scars,three as maximum. The former on his forearm and the latter on
her forehead behind the hairline. When asked the monk said it these scars
(don't believe they were cigarette burns) said he acquired them one at a time
as a mark of his progress in his vocation."

I am a lay member of the Chogye school of the Soen order of Korea and upon
taking the first five vows (the 'Bodhisattva vows'), I was burned on the
forearm by the abbott with a stick of incense. I therefore have such a scar,
although I didn't think of it before.


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