[KS] Korea Society Fall Fellowship in Korean Studies 2001

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Jan 29 16:35:38 EST 2001

-------- posted for Mrs. Yong Jin Choi, director of Korean Studies 
Program, The Korea Society --------------------------------------

ANNOUNCEMENT of Fall Fellowship in Korean Studies 2001

The Korea Society announces its Fall Fellowship in Korean Studies. 
Application is invited from East Asia specialists who would like to 
include Korea in their teaching, research and writing. Priority will 
be given to those who are planning to author texts on World History 
or Asian History, or who will contribute articles to texts or 
reference works or who will be editors of such works. Application is 
invited from East Asia specialists, state department of education 
officials in the social studies area and those involved in the 
production of reference materials.

The program will be carried out in Korea over 12-day period from 
October 6 to October 17, 2001. All the expenses including 
international round-trip airfare, accommodations, meals and program 
fees are covered by The Korea Society in collaboration with the Korea 
Information Services.

The objective of the program is to provide a general overview of 
Korea, past, and present. The study/tour will begin in Seoul with 
three days of lectures and field trips. The lectures will be 
delivered by prominent scholars from leading Korean universities on 
topics such as language, history, art, architecture, religion, and 
politics of a divided country. The field trips during this initial 
phase of the program will take participants to places of special 
historical and cultural significance in the Seoul area, including 
royal palaces, the royal ancestral shrine, museums and the historical 
landmark district of Insa Dong, which is famous for its traditional 
buildings, antique shops and art galleries.

Following the Seoul portion of the program, the participants will 
travel to various points of interest throughout the southern part of 
the Korean peninsula on an extended docent tour.

Dr. Mark Peterson of Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, a 
distinguished expert on Korean history and culture, will accompany 
the participants throughout the tour. Dr. Peterson will provide 
periodic lectures on Korean history, society, literature, and the 
influence of Shamanism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Christianity on 
the Korean people.

Please contact Mrs. Yong Jin Choi, director of Korean Studies 
Program, The Korea Society, 950 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022, by 
telephone 212-759-7525 ext. 25, or by fax 212-759-7530 or by email at 
yongjin.ny at koreasociety.org  or www.koreasociety.org. The deadline 
for the application is April 1, 2001.

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