[KS] KF Korea Traditional Music Workshop

Jaeho Han jhhan at kofo.or.kr
Wed Jan 17 01:42:25 EST 2001

Korea Foundation Korean Traditional Music Workshop 
for Overseas Musicologists in cooperation with NCKTPA

The Korea Foundation will hold a Korea traditional music workshop for overseas
musicologists from June 3-30, 2001 in cooperation with the National Center for
Korean Traditional Performing Arts. All the costs within Korea including
accommodations and inland transportation related to the workshop will be borne
by the Foundation but participants are requested to be responsible for their
own airfares. 

If you are interested in or know of anyone who would like to take part in this
workshop, please contact the Foundation directly by the end of January at:

Cultural Exchange Team
Seocho P.O. Box 227 
Seoul, Korea
Tel) +82-2-3463-5615
Fax) +82-2-3463-6075
Program officer: Jaeho Han (jhhan at kofo.or.kr)
Director: Keum-jin Yoon (kjyoon at kofo.or.kr)

Below is the program outline, more details of the program will be 
decided around February as soon as the participants are finalized. 

Period: June 3-30, 2001

Venue: National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts
            (audio-visual classroom, practice room)

Expected Participants: scholars and graduate students in the field of
   musicology not majoring in Korean music but interested in the subject

Workshop organization
      - lectures in English on Korean music 
      - performance training in Korean vocal or instrumental music 
          the janggu (hourglass-shaped drum), danso (small bamboo vertical
flute), and gayageum (twelve-string zither) will be taught. However, if a
majority of the participants are interested in learning other instruments or
only one or two of the instruments mentioned, we will duly consider a change
to our plans.  
      - field trips to local festivals and performances
      - in-depth discussions with Korean music specialists

Proposed schedule
      - Monday-Tuesday, Thursday-Friday
        09:30-12:00: Lectures and discussions on various topics in Korean
           (series of lectures will constitute a comprehensive introduction to
Korean traditional music)
        14:00-17:00: Instrumental classes
      - Wednesday
        09:30-12:00: Meetings with senior Korean musicologists
        14:00-17:00: Instrumental classes
      - Saturday: Field trips to local festivals and performances
      - Sunday: Open

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