[KS] re: Korean Studies in Tokyo

Kenneth R. Robinson robinson at icu.ac.jp
Fri Jul 6 10:08:57 EDT 2001

Dear Colleagues,

The July meeting of the Chosenshi Kenkyukai will be held on Saturday, July 
21.  This month's speakers, who will present in Japanese, are below.

Research Presentation:
Kim POmsu.  "Views of Civilization and of the State among Korean Students 
in Japan during the Great Han Empire: Focusing on the Student Association 
Reports of Foreign Student Groups"

Book Review:
Sukawa Hidenori.  "ChosOn hugi sangOpsa yOngu," by Paek SUngch'Ol (Seoul: 
Hyean, 2000).

The meeting will be held at the Kanda campus of Senshuu University, in 
Seminar Room 42, from 1:30 pm.  Senshuu University is near Kudanshita 
station (exit 5) and Jinbochou station (exit A2), and is a short walk from 
the used bookstore district called Kanda or Jinbochou.

For further information please contact Ken Robinson.

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