[KS] Korea Telecom

Brother Anthony anthony at ccs.sogang.ac.kr
Thu Jun 21 21:22:07 EDT 2001

I rather wonder if  the people at Korea Telecom are not replying because
it would be too shameful (or they are too busy) to admit that, given the
scale and complexity of the system they are nominally responsible for,
and the huge number of people (not necessarily living in Korea) using
their services who spend hours each day trying to hack into
well-protected sites, there is absolutely nothing they can do. (Imagine
what it must be like for banks. How much money are they losing to

Not long ago there was an article in one of the papers pointing out that
there was a very real danger that soon Internet users in Korea would not
be able to communicate with the outside world at all, not only on
account of hacking but also because so much junk mail is passing
unfiltered through systems located in Korea and the normal response of
servers is to block all incoming messages from such a source when a
complaint is made.

The security issue is potentially the Trojan Horse that will bring the
entire system to a standstill. It's only when a hacker hits the
headlines by affecting millions (and hurts big money) that the detective
work starts. Otherwise, it's a matter of regularly reinforcing firewalls
and of making sure that your entire system is always safely
reduplicated  in an off-line back-up. Don't be too hard on Korea
Telecom; you are surely only one of many thousands...

Brother Anthony

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